Basic Parts of a Computer and their functions

They seem very complicated if you’ve ever looked inside a computer case, then you have to have discovered that there are many small elements inside, but they aren’t really that complicated. I will give you some information about these components.


computer mother board


Any computer’s main circuit board is known as the motherboard. It resembles a plate but it retains things to command sound, together with each the personal computer Ports connection and growth card video. If noticed, the motherboard is linked with parts of the personal computer.

Each element is connected to the motherboard. Electricity is received by the motherboard from the power source of the computer. The motherboard allows the elements to communicate. The motherboard includes controls, which are circuits which assist the system function.

CPU (Central Processing Unit)


It is located in the motherboard inside the computer case. The CPU is the “brains” of the computer. The central processing unit provides the calculations and manipulation of data sent from the user. Each time a key clicks, implements an application or browses the Web, the CPU reads the code involved and returns the response. The CPU works with memory, that’s the component that sends information that is saved .

It keeps an eye on all the activities that are inside a computer. The higher the rate of a chip, the faster it will be able to perform the processing.

RAM (Random Access Memory)


We Understand RAM as Random Acess Memory. Here is the short term memeory of this system. The pc does some calculations, then it temporarily saves that perivious work to RAM. Then this data is missing, In case the computer is shut down. We must conserve our data in between if we’re writing a document, then to save it from being destroyed. If saved in Statistics Hard Drive by conserving, then it could stay for a long time.
RAM is measured in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). The RAM there is, the better for people.

RAM includes the information at that time. the information in RAM is lost After the device has been switch off.

Hard Drive

Hard Drive

Unlike RAM, the hard drive stores data even after the machine is turned off. A hard disk is the storage device for your own machine. Applications and documents are stored on the hard drive using magnetism. Hard drive is made up of platters using a head that was moving. The spin as the head moves back and forth to retrieve and save data.

Hard Drive is the part where other documents and applications, files are stored. The information remains stored for quite a lengthy moment.

Video Card

computer video card

The picture seen on the screen is provided by the video card. The card is connecting to a screen with a VGA cable. Some video cards have two monitor connections. This permits the user to attach two monitors or so the desktop can be spread across both screens for efficacy.

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